My Projects

In addition to teaching creative and academic writing, and editing and copy writing other people’s work, I write stories for children and young adults. Below are the titles of some of my most recent works along with a short synopsis. Enjoy!

Daphne Dapple *Hearts* Zombie High – Young Adult Novel

Synopsis: Five years after the Zombie apocalypse has all but been contained, Daphne Dapple, a teenaged cheerleader, is bit by a feral Zombie. Time has mutated the virus, and Daphne’s body reacts differently to the disease. She’s got a slower rate of decomposition, so she still looks like everyone else, and she’s retained her cognitive abilities. For three years, she’s able to hide the truth about her disease until a cheer routine gone wrong. Daphne’s teammates drop her on her head, but when her neck snaps, she doesn’t die. She can’t, of course, because she’s already undead.  

The Promise – Middle Grade Novel

Synopsis: Chai, a ten-year-old raised by Granny on stories of The Other Side, is one of the few who believes magic exists. However, she’s spent the past year since Granny died ignoring magic and pretending to be like everyone else so she can fit in. When a stone lion comes to life and reminds her of her promise to Granny – her promise to visit the Land of the Fey – she realizes she can’t pretend any longer. What’s more, it’s revealed that Granny’s spirit is trapped in The Other Side, and Chai is the only one who can save her. 

Mrs. Claus Did Not Always Live at the North Pole – Picture Book

Synopsis: Not much is written about the wife of Santa Claus. With the hundreds of Christmas books that stack the shelves, there are only twelve with Mrs. Claus as the central figure. Additionally, of the mainstream Christmas books that do mention Mrs. Claus, the majority relegate her to nothing more than a lovable grandmother-type figure with little to offer besides making cocoa and fattening Santa up. 

This story was written to fill a hole. I wanted to offer an alternative perspective on Mrs. Claus, one which flushed her out as a three-dimensional, non-trope character who children could be inspired by. In order to do this, I stepped back in time and told the story of Mrs. Claus from birth. Because we have no historical basis for Mrs. Claus’s childhood, my story is purely fictional. However, I tried to create an individual, a scenario, and a lifestyle that would be true to the time and place of Mr. and Mrs. Claus’s beginnings. I also had to give her a name, Heda. 

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