Music has always been a big inspiration in my life and not just for writing.  It can affect my mood, my cooking, my driving ability, and my relationship with the world and the people around me.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Scattered Leaves The Be Good Tanyas
#41 Dave Matthews Band
Say Goodbye Dave Matthews Band, again, and again, and again
Remember This Grey Eye Glances
The Legionnaire’s Lament The Decemberists
Just For Now Imogen Heap
What If You Joshua Radin
Flightless Bird, American Mouth Iron & Wine
Congratulations Blue October & Imogen Heap
The Places You’ll Call Home The Ladybug Transistor
Never Think Robert Patterson
Fear Sarah McLachlan
Lion’s Teeth The Mountain Goats
You or Your Memory The Mountain Goats
Could You Be Loved the Late, Great, Bob Marley
Apologize One Republic
We Walk The Same Line Everything But The Girl
Casey Jones Grateful Dead
The Gulf of Araby Natalie Merchant
Meet Virginia Train
Reservations The Old Ceremony
Billie Jean David Cook’s Version from American Idol
Fidelity Regina Spektor
Here With Me Dido
Troy Sinead O’Connor
Solsbury Hill Peter Gabriel
Many Rivers to Cross Toni Childs


  1. Hey Kate-
    We have quite a few music similarities (big exception being DMB, I’ve just never like them). Anyway, you should check out The Middle East, start with Blood and Liam Finn. They are one of my favorites. You might hate them, but you might not.
    Sherry (from Westfield critique group)

    • Since your writing is so good, I’ll excuse you the DMB comment…although we’re going to have a heart to heart on that one.

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