Posted by: Katie B | May 10, 2010

A Little Good News Goes A Long Way

Well, it finally happened!  I’m going to be published!  That’s right, I’m bonafide. 

The Lighthouse at Night

An excerpt of my Young Adult Novel, Birthrite, is going to be published in the 2010 edition of Goldfinch, the literary magazine of the New Jersey based women’s writing group, Women Who Write, Inc.  It won’t bring me any money.  It won’t bring me a national tour including a morning slot on the Today Show.  But what a thrill none-the-less!  I will see my words in print (albeit only the first chapter), and I can keep a copy for my children’s scrapbook.

But most of all, how amazing was it to receive something other than a rejection in the mail!  This is why we do it!  This is why we keep submitting, even to small, limited, private publications!  This is what keeps us going!

Imagine opening the mail to read the following:  “I am pleased to announce that your story excerpt Birthrite has been selected to appear in Goldfinch 2010.  Congratulations!”

Sure beats my last piece of recycling: “Sorry, not for me.”  Yes, it was that brief.

Thanks Goldfinch for making my day!


  1. Congrats!!!!!! Does this mean I get to read it now???

    • Yes -the one paragraph that was accepted is all ready for your enjoyment!

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