Posted by: Katie B | July 21, 2010

Westfield Critique Group Picks up Steam!

It takes awhile for something that’s never been before to be born.  Especially when that something is as impalpable as a discussion group.  The people have to find you (Hello, here I am!  Come join me!).  The people have to have the same objectives that you do.  The people have to find the time and make a committment (gasp!).  Or, more appropriately, the people who find you have to be committed.  Committed to writing.  Not an easy task. 

But after a year, yes – a year, the Westfield Critique Group seems to be taking form.  I was told one of the strongest writing groups in Women Who Write took a year to come together.  For one whole year, the gal who started it sat alone in the library, reserving a spot, waiting for the group to come.  And eventually they did. 

I essentially did the same thing.  I decided on a schedule, time, and location, and waited (at home) for the emails of interest to arrive.  It took awhile but it seems to be worth the wait.  We’ve had quite a few writers come and go.  But the writers who shuffle in now by 9:30am after a 45 minute commute on a Saturday are prepared to work.  I am so grateful.

We are still open to new members, so if you find this post, contact me asap.  I’m not sure how much longer we will have space…well – that may not be true but it sure sounds good after so long.  We meet every other Saturday at 9:30am at the Westfield Memorial Library.  If you see as at one of the round tables, be sure to stop in and say hello.  And if you’re brave enough, stay awhile and join us.

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