Posted by: Katie B | March 11, 2011

The NJ SCBWI Annual Conference is coming up!

Have you signed up for the NJ SCBWI annual conference yet?  It’s June 3-5th, 2011.  Every year, this event gets bigger and bigger.  The line up of agents, editors, and authors has increased as has the number of seminars you can attend.  What interests me about this event is the educational value.  It’s not limited to workshops on improving your craft.  The offerings include information on the publishing industry and managing your “private business” (we writers are independent business owners with one employee – ourselves).  Want to learn more about contracts, book signings, marketing, the agent – editor – writer relationship?  How about writing with humor, editing, pacing a scene?  It’s all there!  Not many conferences have the diversity of offerings and cross the barrier between writing workshops and industry insight. 

Drop me a line if you’re planning on attending.  We can compare notes after!


  1. Hi Katie,
    I’ll be attending NJSCBWI Conference. I coordinate Writing for Kids I and will be trolling for new members.
    See you in a couple of weeks,

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