Posted by: Katie B | June 25, 2011

Book Review Update

Lavender Fields in France

Have a look at my updated Book Review page.  Several new reviews have been added, and due to popular request, the reviewed books are sorted by interest level.  Happy Reading!

Here are the new additions:

Books I Liked A Lot (a.k.a. hard to put down):

The Year of the Dog and The Year of the Rat by Grace Lin.  Middle Grade.  Grace Lin gave an interesting keynote speech at the NJ SCBWI 2011 conference where she shared her journey as a middle grade novelist and picture book author / illustrator.  Understanding the context in which these books were written made them all the more precious to me.

Freak by Marcella Pixley.  Upper Middle Grade / Young Adult.  I found this story incredibly gripping.  Pulled me right back into the twisted world of seventh grade and the odd dynamic of bullying.


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