Posted by: Katie B | July 17, 2011

Acapella Anyone?

Interested in trying out for an acapella group?  I joined a very fun and low-key group called One More Round based in South Orange, NJ.  They are holding rolling auditions for a few vacant spots.  Send me a comment if you’d like more information.

About singing:  This doesn’t have anything to do with writing but everything to do with inspiration and personal growth moments.  I joined a newly created acapella group this past spring in an attempt to reconnect with what I loved as a “kid”.  So many of the activities in which I participated in high school and college were dropped when I entered the “real world”.  Years later, as I shuttled kids from one awesome activity to another, I found myself becoming jealous.  And it wasn’t just that they had these great things to go to, it was that they knew what they wanted to do.  So, I allowed myself a moment of introspection and realized that one thing I’d really like to do again was sing.  Once I made that decision, the fates aligned themselves.  I found One More Round, I tried out (scary!), and I got in (happy day!).  It hasn’t been easy – it’s been a long time since I’ve sung acapella.  But I love it.

If you’re feeling the same way, I challenge you to find that thing that makes you come alive again.  If you decide singing is that thing, drop me a line.  We’re always looking for new singers!


  1. Fun! Can I come hear you perform sometime???

    • Certainly! Most likely sometime next fall we’ll do a small friends and family set. Do you know any singers?

      • Hello,

        I also love to sing and live in east orange and would love to audition. Can you please send me more details.


        • Julia –

          Unfortunately, due to schedule and attendance issues, the group is on haitus right now! I’ll let the group’s leader know you are interested and if she restarts auditions, she can contact you. So sorry! good luck finding a group!


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