Posted by: Katie B | March 5, 2012

Calling All Unpublished YA Fantasy Writers!

One of the writers in my critique group let me know about an upcoming contest for unpublished YA Fantasy writers.  Strange Chemistry, a YA Fantasy / Sci-Fi imprint, is holding an “Open Door” contest from April 16th, 2012 to April 30th 2012.  Any un-agented, un-published author can submit their full manuscript for review.  They have a ton of rules and regulations that you should be sure to check out on their website:

So polish up those manuscripts and mark your calendar for April 16th, 2012.  It’s not as far away as you think!

I’ll happen to mention that my birthday is also somewhere within that submission period.  You can mark that on your calendars as well.  Chocolate is always much appreciated.

Happy writing!

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