Posted by: Katie B | April 26, 2012

Rutger’s Annual Writers Conference Now Open for Applications!

Rutgers University hosts an annual ‘Council on Children’s Literature’ (RUCCL) every October.  I attended RUCCL in 2010 and felt it was a worthwhile event.  For my wrap up on the 2010 event, click here.  Funny enough, I found myself in this picture from their website (I’m front-left, in the blue short-sleeved sweater):

RUCCL 2010

The application for the 2012 conference is now available online.  Some information is still forthcoming, such as who this year’s mentors will be.  No doubt they’ll be an impressive collection from the top agencies and houses in the business.  What’s different about this event is that writers have to apply with a sample of their work and be accepted to attend.  As a result, you find the writers attending RUCCL to be more seasoned than at other conferences.  The other positive is the length of time you get to spend with a one-on-one mentor.  At 45 minutes, it’s significantly longer than at any other event.

Here are the key dates:

RUCCL 2012 Conference:  October 13, 2012

Application Deadline:  July 2, 2012

For all the RUCCL conference details, check out their website:

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