Posted by: Katie B | July 18, 2012

Sarah Aronson’s Beyond Lucky on Library Reading Lists!

My girls and I went to the Westfield Memorial Library last week to sign up for their summer reading program.  Imagine how calmly I reacted when I saw that the first book on the 5th Grade suggested reading list was Sarah Aronson’s Beyond Lucky!!!!  Needless to say, I got ‘shushed’.  But it’s a well deserved recommendation.  The book is a fun, exciting read that is appropriate for all readers.  Boys and girls.  No edgy content.  Believable friendships.  Realistic school-aged drama.  A great twist at the end.  And no dead parents.  In fact, the parents being both alive and very much involved in the boy’s life drives a lot of the humor in the book.

I met Sarah last March at the VCFA writer’s retreat which she co-organizes.  Before going to the retreat, I read her book (which I checked out of the very same library!) and reported on it here in my blog.  I really liked it, had told her so, and found myself recommending it to other parents at my child’s elementary school.  For once, I was ahead of the trend.  I’m glad the library caught on!  Congrats to Sarah!

p.s. If you ever get the chance to meet Sarah, be sure to go up and say ‘hi’.  She’s incredibly kind, funny, and generous with her time!  Such a help to her fellow writers!

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