Posted by: Katie B | September 23, 2012

Break Down of the Summer Reading List



The best part of summer vacation is curling up with a great book.  Here’s a review of the books I gobbled up in my “free time” this past season.  I hope you find one or two that speaks to you!

Books I Like A Lot:

Divergent by Veronica Roth.  Young Adult.  I heard so much buzz about this book and the sequel, Insurgent.  For once, I was glad to be part of the in-the-know crowd.  Each book was close to 500 pages, and I read them through twice before returning them to the library.  500 pages.  Each.  Read twice.  In one week.  I’ve said enough.  Go and get yourself a copy.  Just commit to losing a few days of your life once you get the books in hand and you’ll be fine.

A Long Way From Chicago by Richard Peck.  Middle Grade.  I don’t care how old you are, but you need to pick up this book and it’s sequel, A Year Down Yonder.  Such wonderful, funny, quirky tales.  Innocent and appropriate for any ready.  You won’t be disappointed.

One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia.  Middle Grade.  What a fun, sassy story.  I’ve heard this book mentioned over and over when referring to “voice”.  It’s the example everyone cites as the perfect use of voice – or more specifically, voice with vernacular.  It deserved every award it received.

Peaches by Jodi Lynn Anderson.  Young Adult.  This book is a new favorite of mine that I’d recommend to any woman who has had a friend.  Or made best friends at camp.  Yes, between the two categories, that’s all of us.  We all need to read it.  It’s the Ya-Ya Sisterhood set in a peach orchard.



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