Posted by: Katie B | April 30, 2013

Getting to Know the VCFA Faculty

A recent graduate of the VCFA MFA program recommended that I read something by each of the faculty members prior to arriving on campus.  Since each student becomes paired with a faculty mentor for a semester, and as a new student, your aren’t familiar with any of the faculty on a personal level, it’s a good idea if you research each faculty member’s style before arriving.  In this way, you have a head start on creating the partnership which will be the best fit for your style.  Truth is, I’d been planning on executing this self-inflicted homework before she mentioned it to me.  But it’s always helpful to get a kick in the pants.

As a result – I have a new suggested reading list to share with everyone!  Below are all the faculty and visiting authors slated to attend next semester, and the books I hope to read by them.  As always, I love company!  Take a look at the titles and let me know your thoughts.  As I read them, I’ll be posting my responses as well.  Happy reading!


New Visiting Faculty

Garret Freymann-Weyr – My Heartbeat

A.S. (Amy) King – Ask The Passengers, Everybody Sees the Ants


Returning Faculty

Kathi Appelt – the Underneath, Keeper

Margaret Bechard – My Mom Married the Principal, If It Doesn’t Kill You, Hanging on to Max

Tom Birdseye – Storm Mountain

Coe Booth – Tyrell, Kendra

Bonnie Christensen – Woodie Guthrie: Poet of the People

Alan Cumyn – Tilt, the Secret Life of Owen Skye

Sharon Darrow  – Trash, The Painters of Lexieville

Sarah Ellis – The Several Lives of Orphan Jack

Susan Fletcher – Dargon’s Milk

Louise Hawes – Waiting for Christopher, Black Pearls

Amanda Jenkins – Breaking Boxes, Damage, Repossessed, Night Road

Mark Karlins – Music Over Manhattan

Uma Krishnaswami – Monsoon, Waking Maya

Martine Leavitt  – Keturah and Lord Death

Betsy Partridge – Dogtag Summer

Mary Quattlebaum – Grover G. Graham & Me

Shelley Tanaka – I Was There

Rita Williams-Garcia – One Crazy Summer

Tim Wynne-Jones – Rex Zero, Some of the Kinder Planets, The Maestro


Visiting Writers and Author / Illustrators

Leonard Marcus – Dear Genius: Minders of Make Believe

Don Tate  – It Jes’ Happened: When Bill Taylor Started to Draw

Graham Salisbury – Night of the Howling Dogs, Lord of the Deep



  1. Love Coe’s stuff and Uma’s and Rita Williams Garcia. How fun! I can’t wait to hear who your mentor is!

  2. Hey Katie, I’m so glad you are headed to VCFA! You will have an amazing experience. (This is Julie Richie by the way). Good luck with all that reading and enjoy every moment of your two years. It flies by!

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