Posted by: Katie B | October 30, 2018

Your Book Has Been Published – Now What? Marketing Tips for the Newbie.

Tami Charles, author of Like Vanessa and Definitely Daphne, is no stranger to marketing herself – now. But when her first book came out, she was as new to the process as anyone else whose debut novel finally graced the shelves of the local bookstore.
Tami Charles

Tami Charles

There is so much great information on the internet (and this website!) on how to meet your agent or improve your craft. But what happens after you get that book deal? Do you wait and let the money roll in? Uh – in a word – no. In order to be successful, you have to be an active participant in the promotion of your own work. And for those new authors, and even not-so-new authors, navigating the world of self-promotion for the first time, Tami has shared her top three tips.
Marketing Tips for the First Time Author
1. Request a meeting or conference call with your publicist to discuss a marketing plan for your book. Prepare ahead of time for the meeting by outlining your goals and any ideas you may have to help in promoting your book. Also have a list of questions ready. This level of preparedness lets your publisher know that you are willing to be an active participant in the process. Take notes on the plans your publicist has for your book. Remember they are the experts!
2. Create your village. Who can you count on to help you spread the word? It doesn’t matter if it’s ten people or one hundred. Every little bit helps! They can spread the world in numbers ways:
* leave a review on Goodreads
* call their local library and request they order a copy (or twenty!) of your book
* social media boosting
* and good old word-of-mouth never hurt anyone
3. Network, network, network! There is no time to be shy when you’re trying to promote your book. Search for events that you can attend to spread the word. Introduce yourself to key people who may have great influence in helping to promote your book. No idea is a silly idea.
You can find Tami’s books on Barnes & Noble and Amazon and at your local indie bookstore.



  1. Thanks for the marketing tips. I need all the help I can get.

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