Posted by: Katie B | November 20, 2018

Dear Passenger Book Launch – The Inner Secrets of Flight Attendants Revealed

Have you ever wondered what really goes on at 25,000 feet?

Dear Passenger

Debut author, Elizabeth Calwell, spills all in Dear Passenger: Welcome to my Wacky World as a Flight Attendant. This super-cute, easy read lets you in on the secret, inner life of the flight attendant and the crazy situations (dare I say people) they encounter in the skies. Some of these experiences had me squirming in my seat, and some of them had me laughing out loud. Either way, I will never look at a flight attendant and the job they perform in the same way again!

You can find the book on Amazon in both Kindle and Paperback form. Sit back and prepare for takeoff!


  1. Katie, thank you so much for launching my book on your blog. One person told me they were reading my book while on the treadmill and they laughed so hard they wet their pants. I can’t get a better endorsement than that one. My book would make a great Christmas present too!

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