Posted by: Katie B | July 27, 2010

Good News – I love to put it in print

The Journey


I write so often about all the drudgery that goes into writing, so here’s a little something different.  Someone I know got an agent.  Got an editor.  Got an illustrator.  Got a contract.   

It can actually happen.  

She’s getting a book published.   

And not just any book, but a PICTURE BOOK.  You know, the ones that are supposed to be SO HARD to get published.  The market that is the MOST challenging right now.  And she did it.  Yep.  Reverting to my 80’s valley speak – it is totally awesome.  

Now – word of caution – it wasn’t easy.  It wasn’t overnight.  It wasn’t even overyear (is there such a thing?).  She had to work like the rest of us.  She joined critique groups and went to conferences and had her work professionally reviewed and rejected.  But she didn’t quit.  She didn’t stop.  And she was rewarded with the well-deserved ultimate prize.  You go girl.  I’ll be first in line for the book signing.  

Oh – and she has a pretty cool website for writers too.  You can learn more about her journey there. 

Congrats Tara!

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