Posted by: Katie B | September 2, 2010

Rutgers One-On-One Conference is October 16th!!!

Rutger’s University Council on Children’s Literature (RUCCL)  is holding their annual writing conference on October 16th, 2010.  The exact title is “One-On-One Plus” because each attendee is partnered up with an “exclusive” mentor.  I haven’t heard of any other conference with such a low attendee to mentor ratio.  One to one is hard to beat!  Then (and here’s the Plus part), you break out into round table discussions of five on five.  Five attendees with five mentors.  Great ratio, great opportunity to really get to know professionals in the business.  I’m nervous already.  

The Climb


If you didn’t get an opportunity to apply to the program this year, set up an alarm on the calendar for next June.  That’s when the applications typically are due.  You have to be selected to attend, when helps keeps the numbers down (love that ratio!).  It’s certainly worth a try!  

I’ve heard strong feedback about the conference, including tales of star-struck writers waltzing out of the facility with contract in hand.  I can only dream.  Check back by end-October.  I’m sure I’ll have a recap of the event and let you know if it lived up to its reputation.   Hopefully I’ll be waltzing myself.  

Drop me a line if you are attending.  The more familiar faces, the better!

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