Posted by: Katie B | October 3, 2010

Plot Whisperer – Solutions Abound

My new addiction – The Plot Whisperer for Writers and Readers.  It’s not just about plot.  Issues with depicting character emotion?  Backstory?  Dangling plot line?  She covers it all.  You have an issue?  She has a solution.  Or a suggestion.  Or a method to free you from your prison.

For example, when my main character took a vacation without me, the Plot Whisperer helped me get her back.  For me, it was the Overarching Tension post.  Just scan down the list.  I’m sure you’ll find something, some clue, some tip, that will be your ah-ha moment. 

Giving props where they’re due, a member of the Westfield Critique Group turned me on to this website.  Thanks for that!

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