Posted by: Katie B | October 4, 2010

Nathan Bransford, Agent and Blogger

Ok – I know – I’m offering you up another link to research.  And if you are like me, it’s getting pretty bad.  I spend half my morning ‘writing time’ surfing the net,  checking out new sites, getting current on my feeds.  Sometimes I barely write at all.  There is a word for it:  procrastination.  Although I prefer to think of it as self-education.  I have to do it, right?  If I want to keep up?  Anyway… 

All that being said, here’s another one to look at.  Nathan Bransford, Literary Agent at Curtis & Brown.  I see him popping up more and more on other sites I frequent, so I’m adding him to my daily reading list.  He has real, relevant posts about the industry, the process of getting published, and the process of writing.  Why is he worth the time, you ask?  Well, since he is an industry insider who is also an author, he has a 360′ perspective on the process.  It’s a refreshing view-point, one not often found.  

This is me procrastinating


Nathan also avoids the trap of using his blog space as a personal gossip column and daily record of his fantastic lifestyle.  (Not that I know Nathan, but I’m assuming that he, along with all other young urban professionals, has a fantastic lifestyle.)  I barely have time for my own social chit-chat.  I don’t need to read someone else’s, or be reminded of how un-fabulous my jeans and sweatshirt existence have become.  Although, I am comfy and warm. 

So check out Nathan.  Add him to the list.  Il vaut la peine.  (It’s worth it / it’s worth the pain.)


  1. Hi, Katie,

    I’m on the RUCCL Council and I came across your reference to Nathan Bransford. I like his blog a lot, but I noticed that recently he quit his job to become a full-time writer. I still read his blog though!

    Pamela Jane

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